Project cars for sale AS IS

We are about to repave our parking lot so I have decided to add a project car section to our web site. Hopefully we can find some of these projects loving homes so we have less cars to move.

Cars that need work but will sell AS IS

1997 BMW M3 sedan light front hit salvage title $3,495

1998 BMW M3 sedan small fire under car, interior gutted, was building it into a race car for a customer Salvage title $3,495

1998 BMW M3 5 speed sedan rusty no title on HOLD

1984 BMW 733i 5 speed been sitting $795

2005 Saab 9-2x Aero (WRX) $1495

1987 BMW 538e automatic $1995

2001 Mazda Miata 2 car package one with Jackson supercharger $4,295

1973 BMW 3.0S $2,495

Daimler SP 250 project cars. Ask for details

1996 BMW 318ti caged S50 swapped race car, built for rally cross, did very well but cancelled series, cage built to NASA rally spec. Clean title. $4,995