Cars that are coming soon

This is a new section that I added since everyone seems to want to know what cars are just in but haven't been through the shop yet. These all will be for sale, some within the next week or so and some within the next few months. I'll try to add a date with each car as to when I assume it should be ready. Please don't hold me to the exact date as some will be ready sooner and most will be ready after that date as you know how things come up. Thanks.


1998 BMW 318tia mid March

1984 VW GTI end of March

2009 WRX STI mid March

1998 BMW Z3 2.8 5 spd unknown

2001 BMW Z3 2.5 5 spd unknown

1991 BMW 318is unknown

1987 BMW 325is unknown

1987 BMW 325is 5 speed 58k miles unknown

2006 Subaru Impreza unknown

2002 Subaru Impreza unknown

1989 BMW 325ic unknown