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Southampton Imported Cars, LLC is a family owned and operated business. We have been at our location since 1966. We service all makes and models of imported cars, in addition to offering a variety of quality pre-owned vehicles available at competitive pricing.


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Gas Prices Hurting You?

Let Our Motor-Vac Machine

Bring Your Gas Milage UP!

What it does: The Motor Vac system cleans the air plenum, throttle body and plates, air bypass valve, injectors, injector pintles, injector screens, injection rail and fuel regulator, pressure regulator areas, carburetors, intake valves, combustion chambers, intake and exhaust valves, oxygen sensor, and catalytic converter.


How it does it: The Motor Vac system works in 3 phases, the first phase flushes a powerful Motor Vac MV3 detergent throughout the entire injector rail and fuel regulator, removing the deposits that build up in the air plenum, fuel rail, injector screens, and pressure regulator areas. The second phase is dedicated to cleaning the intake system. The detergent’s foaming action dissolves and removes deposits of soft carbons, while the third phase finishes up by cleaning the injector pintles, engine valves, combustion chamber, oxygen sensor and catalytic converter.


Why it’s so important?: Performing routine maintenance and keeping your engine properly tuned provides a variety of important benefits, including significantly improved gas mileage. According to U.S. government studies, an improperly tuned engine can decrease your gas mileage by an average of 4.1%. Perhaps most important to your gas mileage however is a properly working oxygen sensor, which can decrease or increase your fuel efficiency by as much as 40%. As previously mentioned, the Motor Vac system cleans the oxygen sensor, along with many other parts crucial to engine operation, therefore helping to ensure their proper functioning. In addition to keeping these parts clean and in good working condition, the Motor Vac system also offers the benefits of overall improved performance and reduced emissions.


Let OUR EXPERT technicians perform this service for you for only $109.95